Retailer Partnership Opportunities

Looking for fresh, new products for your store?   True Ocean is the only manufacturer of seawater based products, specifically designed for the coastal lifestyle consumer.  Our products are found exclusively in seaside resorts, gift shops and beach stores, and are not sold direct-to-consumer (online).




True Ocean is currently awarding a limited number of partnerships in each local market.  By limiting the number of retailers inside a market boundary, each of our partners will be able to offer a unique product line within their territory.  

    Preferred Qualifications for Retail Partners:

    • gross annual sales (entire store) over $150,000
    • floor space for the display unit, or comparable shelf space

    As travelers shop, they are looking for items which can't be purchased at home.  True Ocean's seawater based products are new and novelty, only found in limited locations.

    Contact us to discuss availability and a partnership opportunities.

    View our Product Line Sheet.

    Already a retail partner?  Call 1-877-319-0007 to place an order.

    Have an idea for an ocean water based b&b product?   We look forward to hearing from you.