What makes True Ocean products unique?

Our products start with the same ingredient.  Purified seawater.  The ocean water used in True Ocean products is lightly filtered and UV treated to remove or destroy any undesired particles or cells.


What territories (local markets) are available?

All costal beach towns and resorts in North America and Central America are open for retail partnerships.


What are the requirements to be accepted as a retail partner?

The store should generate over $150,000 in gross sales.   The True Ocean retail display units require approximately two (2) sq.ft. of floor or counter space.   Although our display shelving units are highly recommended, if you have your own vision for product display, shelving, and placement, please let us know.


Why sell true ocean products in my store?

We offer a fresh, new line of products that beach-centric consumers love.     As people travel, they want to purchase a gift or souvenir which can’t be found at home, on the internet, or at big box stores.    

What does seawater do for skin and hair?

Seawater naturally consists of 3.5% sodium chloride, which offers important nutrients, including magnesium, potassium, and calcium.    These resources are known to help exfoliate, rejuvenate, and absorb unwanted oils.